Wave Particle Duality examples

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Wave Particle Duality examples

Post  TomWightman on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:32 am

Does anyone remember the examples of wave particle duality, like how light behaves as a wave or particle, and particle acting as waves or particles?


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Wave Particle Duality

Post  jmorris on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:46 am

Light as wave - diffraction
Light as particle- photoelectric effect

matter particle as wave - diffraction
matter particle as particle - deflection in magnetic field


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Re: Wave Particle Duality examples

Post  Joseph Wardley on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:42 am

the question asked give to examples in experement that showed that light is a partical and is a wave

light as a wave i used younges slits
light as a partical the photoelectric effect

younges slits
-monochromatic light diffracts between a slit
-then it diffracts through 2 creating
-2 coherent sources of light
-on the screen where they constructivly interfere they are in phase, whole wavelengths apart causing bright fringes
-on the screen where they destructivly interfere they are out phase by pi radians, whole+ 1/2 wavelengths apart causing dark fringes
-if they where paricals then only two bright fringes would be seen not many as is seen as waves diffract and spread out

photoelectric effect
-when a light is shone on to a surface of a metal then electrons are emitted these are called photoelectrons
-under a certain wave length no photoelectrons are emitted
-if light is a wave then it has infinet length and thus has infinet energy
-thus photoelectrons would be emitted no matter how short the wave length due to there being an infinet amount of energy alls that it would take is more time to emit the electrons
-thus light acts as small packets of waves called 'quontum'
Joseph Wardley
Joseph Wardley

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Re: Wave Particle Duality examples

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